Casa.b Mogador

Maison d’Hôtes – Accommodation Essaouira

Casa.b Mogador

Maison d’Hôtes – Accommodation Essaouira

Travel Nourishes the Soul

Enter – it’s your heart space. A place where mind and body sparkle with Esprit Nouveau and Moroccan joie de vivre: Casa.b Mogador, maison d’hôtes in Essaouira.

Casa.b: Your Destination in Essaouira/Morocco

Casa.b Mogador is … your journey’s destination, or maybe a waypoint … a line in a Moroccan poem whose stanzas describe your own voyage … and without doubt: the start of a new chapter in your life …

casa.b Maison d’hôtes Essaouira


L’Esprit Nouveau. 6 themed suites. Each one as unique as the sunrise over the medina. Wellbeing under Morocco’s stars at the maison d’hôtes in Essaouira…

casa.b Maison d’hôtes Essaouira


In the morning, the sweet scent of tea, coffee and fresh bread draws you to the sunlit terrace for the best breakfast in Essaouira.

casa.b Maison d’hôtes Essaouira


Tales and tastes from a thousand and one spices. Morocco and Europe – a love story. A poem of superb taste and flavours.

Sleep Under Morocco’s Splendid Stars

Discover our suites.
Where tales transport you to the land of dreams, high above Essaouira’s roofs:

When Will You Arrive?

Rewrite your chapter … make the journey to Morocco and yourself … to your maison d’hôtes in Essaouira: Casa.b Mogador.

Your historic holiday habitat with Esprit Nouveau.

Our themed suites offer extraordinary perspectives and unimagined insights … as well as a safe, heating, Italian shower, hairdryer, shower gel, shampoo, bedlinen by Blanc Cerise, towels and Wi-Fi.

Maison d’hôtes Essaouira

Your Place in the Sun of Essaouira

Discover our roof terrace, open-air cinema and flower patio. Find your favourite spot under Morocco’s beautiful stars …

Maison d’hôtes Essaouira

Take a Seat at Your Table d’Hôtes

The day’s great flavours begin with the best breakfast, and conclude with a set cuisine de famille dinner on request …

Joy in the Moment

Moments of retreat, small oases of calm and sources of inspiration …

Design, Zeitgeist and Tradition

… are not just questions of good taste. They reflect a feel for the stories of our time – and for the past …


A life. By a family that loves art. With an ecological mindset.

CASA.B MOGADOR - Design, Zeitgeist & Tradition Maison d’hôtes Essaouira
CASA.B MOGADOR Maison d’hôtes Essaouira

A Stylish
Holiday Habitat

An unerring sense of the aesthetic, art and harmony. Sensitivity and skill. A maison boutique of sensory impressions and design: Casa.b – maison d’hôtes in Essaouira.

Mogador Design

Forge your own path as you follow in the footsteps of Corbusier, Eames, Knoll, Paulin or Mogensen …

Maison d’hôtes Essaouira


Medina Casa.B Maison d’hôtes Essaouira
Medina Casa.B Maison d’hôtes Essaouira
Maison d’hôtes Essaouira

Hub of Life.

In Essaouira’s heart lies a treasure trove of experiences: the Medina of Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. The history of these city walls, squares and the Skala de la Kasbah is as impressive as are the awe-inspiring alleys, eye-popping port and stunning souks. All tell of a prosperous past, but also of a flourishing future.

  • Strolling through the alleys of a thousand and one nights
  • Scaling the Skala de la Kasbah
  • Sipping thé à la menthe at Place Moulay Hassan

  • Absorbing all the life of the medina


Life Journeys

Soothe your longing for a spiritual home – make the journey to Essaouira.

Essaouira – Amid Sea and Stars

White and blue walls, a Portuguese fortress, romantic riads, and a beach straight out of a picture book – Essaouira is a melting pot of cultures, and home to a wide variety of architectures, trades, languages … and cuisines! A thousand and one dreams come true in Essaouira:

  • Galloping on the beach on the back of a Berber stallion
  • Swaying through the surf astride a camel
  • A dune cruise on a quad bike
  • Tucking into an authentic Moroccan tagine

  • Kitesurfing in the Atlantic’s mighty waves
  • Following in the footsteps of Orson Welles
  • Sipping a sundowner and gazing at the Atlantic from a rooftop bar
  • Dancing your heart out at the Gnaoua Festival
Medina Casa.B
Medina Casa.B
Medina Casa.B
Our maison d’hôtes in Essaouira? Extraordinary. Essaouira? Breathtaking.


Dive into the pearl of the Atlantic and emerge revitalised …

‘Morocco has many faces. Essaouira is one of the most beautiful.’

Essaouira Stirs

Every Day Is a New Chapter

Let yourself be enchanted by our stories, dishes, experiences and impressions – and allow us to share in yours … and grow.